2 Ways To Strengthen Your Immunity Amidst Covid-19

Howdy! Sending all of our readers an abundance of health and safety during this time of uncertainty. While most of us are doing our part to socially distance during this time, it is of secondary importance to maintain our health and fitness throughout isolation and quarantine.

As promised, I will be posting information on the supplements/herbs I recommend throughout to keep our immunity strong, however, it is IMPERATIVE that I emphasize the importance of NUTRITION and SLEEP as lifestyle interventions that are most beneficial to us right now.

No supplement can mask or better the damage of poor lifestyle choices such as inadequate sleep or a diet that is high in processed foods, including high amounts of processed carbohydrates and refined fats.

As research suggests, a diet high in processed carbohydrates and refined fats can interfere with proper immune function. Even short term hyperglycemia i.e a short term high blood sugar can impair your response to infection.

Now is not the time to be going through drive through or eating boxed or packaged anything for that matter… alright maybe a snack or two.

I encourage you to cook up a storm, eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, try all of the recipes that you didn’t have time for before…and folks..choose quality over quantity.

I URGE you….there is no better time than NOW to be focusing on bettering your nutrition, your sleep and your personal hygiene.

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Love and Light,