Is your period making you crazy?

A reminder to all of you ladies to give yourselves some grace before and during that time of month!

Fella’s don’t check out of this one just yet.. your woman’s mood changes are very real so read on and find out how you can help make her life a little easier during that time of month.

It comes as no surprise that the week before our period, both estrogen and progesterone begin to drop (swipe left for the diagram). It is this steady decline that causes PMS and its beautiful host of symptoms. As much as we know this, we constantly need to validate our surge of emotions on a monthly basis. Sad, yet true.

Estrogen plays a large role in cognition and mental function + helps to optimize neurotransmitter production such as serotonin so that you can feel happy and energized.

Progesterone on the other hand, is natures anti-anxiety hormone. It’s what keeps you calm, rational and peaceful.

It’s no wonder that we feel batshit crazy when we feel hazy, barely able to hold together a sentence while having the most irrational thoughts and fears racing through our minds…. on top of our irritability that is triggered by just about anything…even Susan over there who’s minding her own damn business but is chewing a little too loud.

So, what do we do about this:

1. Recognize that your thoughts are irrational because of your cycle and do your best to silence your mind over the next week. This can be tough to do, start by not buying into any extreme thoughts or having to make any intense decisions this week.

2. Give yourself some grace by s-l-o-w-i-n-g down! You will be more introverted and introspective pre and during mensturation…that’s ok. Listen to your body and honor what it needs.

3. Expect an increase in cravings- this is NORMAL and happens because of a drop in dopamine and serotonin (both of which increase when we eat hyper palatable foods..or more constructively…EXERCISE) + our increase in metabolic rate. Research shows that our metabolic rate increases anywhere from 2.5-10% over normal which is roughly around 100-300 extra calories burned. Go ahead an have that row of chocolate…you’ll be just fine!

4. Don’t go ham at the gym the week prior- you’ll notice decreased energy and increased fatigue. Honor that and lower the weight, increase the reps and increase the rest period. If you really aren’t feeling it-skip the gym and go for a walk or do some yoga instead.

5. Fella’s…don’t judge our moods or jump to conclusions just because we come off more reserved than usual. We’re completely fine- extra kisses, snuggles, massages or help with dinner or household chores are always welcome during this time. Just be patient and meet us where we’re at!

Much Love,
Your favorite Nutritionist