Strengthen Your Immunity By 14% With This One Vitamin

Here are the facts. Vitamin C can reduce the duration of a cold by 8-14%, in any population when it is taken as a daily preventative measure or at the onset of a cold. It has a positive effect on neurology, depression, cortisol modulation, testosterone levels and blood flow.

Here’s the deal, we need to take upward of 2000mg up to 5x a day to optimally reduce symptoms. That’s 10 000mg a day. Given that the nature of Vitamin C is water soluble, the absorbability is negligible. For this reason, research has shown that the oral delivery of vitamin C encapsulated in LIPOSOMES produced circulating concentrations of vitamin C greater than those elicited by oral delivery of unencapsulated vitamin C but less than those following intravenous vitamin C administration.

Therefore, to increase its bioavailability, liposomal is recommended and if possible, intravenous intervention. There is actually a current clinical trial underway for intravenous vitamin C for severe covid-19 induced pneumonia. I will keep ya’ll posted on that!

As I’ve been reiterating to my family, friends and clients for the past two weeks…get yourself some liposomal vitamin C STAT!